Dramatic Music

THE AFTER-IMAGE [Das Nach-Bild] Tableau for two voices and ensemble, libretto by the composer after Rainer Maria Rilke, Friedrich Rückert and William Henry Fox Talbot (2010). Étude d'un prélude XII. Commissioned by Boston Lyric Opera, premiere production February 2011, directed by David Schweizer, featuring:

  • Jamie Van Eyck (The Daughter)
  • Kevin Burdette (The Photograph of the Father)

PIERRE Lyric drama in three acts and seven scenes after Herman Melville (Act I: 2007, 35'), for six voices and orchestra. Cast of the staged prodution of Act I, Arcola Theatre, London, 22 August 2007, directed by Andrew Steggall, featuring:

  • Joseph Kaiser (Pierre)
  • Annette Dasch (Isabel)
  • Abigail Fischer (Mother)

HIMMELFAHRT [Ascension] Satire in einem Bild nach einem Gedicht von Heinrich Heine (2007), for five voices, chorus and orchestra. Commissioned by the Staatstheater, Kassel, Uraufführung: Kassel, April 2008, conducted by Christopher Ward, directed by Sebastian Müller, featuring:

  • Stefan Adam (Seele)
  • Mark Bowman-Hester (Sankt Peter)
  • Annika Sophie Ritlewski (Erzengel)
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Vocal Music

...mit einem Zwischenkreis, for voice and piano, a setting of Paul Celan's "Um halb vier", itself a translation of Emily Dickinson's poem No. 1084, "At Half past Three, a single Bird" (2014, 2’)

Her S/Z & Co., for voice and piano, a setting of Scherzo by Maria Rusanda Muresan (2013, 1’)
dedicated to the poet

Those Images, for voice and piano, poem by Yeats (2013, 3’)
dedicated to John Chyle

Three Darsham Songs, for high voice and piano (2013, 8’)

  • I. Let me play to you tunes without measure or end (MacDiarmid)
  • II. Villanelle : It is the pain, it is the pain, endures (Empson)
  • III. A Deep-sworn Vow (Yeats)

dreifacher Frühling, for voice, clarinet and violoncello, poems by Friedrich Hölderlin (2010, 7’)
dedicated to Annika Sophie Ritlewski

  • I. Canon per Arsin et Thesin - 24. Mai 1758
  • II. Canon - 3. März 1648
  • III. Canon Inversus - 20. Januar 1758

Étude d'un prélude III — Wehmut, for voice and piano, poem by Heine (2009, 3’)
dedicated to C.M.D.B.

Auto-da-fé, for soprano and clarinet, poem by Heine (2009, 3’30")
dedicated to Annette Dasch, on the occasion of her birthday

Herbsthauch, for voice and piano, poem by Rückert (2009, 3’)
dedicated to Christian Rogowski

Nach-Fragen, Gesangszyklus nach Christa Wolf für Singstimme und Klavier (2008, 30’)
dedicated to Annette Dasch, based on passages from Wolf’s 1968 novel, Nachdenken über Christa T.



  • 6. Intermezzo (Klavier allein)
  • 7. Falsche Anteilnahme und falsche Teilnahmslosigkeit
  • 8. Wäre es möglich?
  • 9. Mittelpunkt
  • 10. Die Zukunft
  • 11. Vertrautes Blau
  • 12. Intermezzo—Double (Klavier allein)


Romanzero Lieder, Sieben Lieder nach Heinrich Heine für Tenor und Klavier (2007, 19')
dedicated to Joseph Kaiser

  • Prolog. In Mathildens Stammbuch
  • I. An die Jungen
  • II. Das Hohelied
  • III. K.-Jammer
  • IV. Die Gestalt der wahren Sphynx
  • V. Jetzt wohin?
  • Epilog. Die Eine und die Andere

Medlitel’no vlekutsja dni moji, for mezzo-soprano and piano, poem by Pushkin (2007, 2’)
dedicated to Ekaterina Gubanova

Eunoia Songs, for tenor and piano, poems by Christian Bök (2005, 14’)
dedicated to Finnissy, Spratlan, Bök, Genet and Glück
[also in version for tenor, flute, clarinet, mallet percussion, violin and violoncello]

  • I. I—A nautical voyage
  • II. A—a culinary banquet
  • III. O—a prurient debauch
  • IV. E—the art of writing
  • V. U—a pastoral tableau

Light Verse, for voice and piano, poems by John Updike (2002, 8’)
dedicated to Joseph Kaiser

  • I. Why the Telephone Wires Dip and the Poles are Cracked and Crooked
  • II. Sunday Rain
  • III. Recital
  • IV. Shipbored
  • V. Courtesy Call
  • VI. Déjà, Indeed
  • VII. V. B. Nimble, V. B. Quick

J’écris dans ce pays où l’on parque les hommes, for baritone and piano, poems of Paul Éluard (1999, 19’)
dedicated to Joseph Kaiser; withdrawn

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Choral Music

Villanelle for an Anniversary, for unaccompanied choir, text by Seamus Heaney (2011, 4’30")
Commissioned by the President of Harvard University to commemorate the University's 375th year, premièred by the Commencement Choir at Harvard's 2012 Commencement

A stand of people, for unaccompanied choir, text by William Carlos Williams and the composer (2001, 6’)

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Orchestra & Large Ensemble Music

Ebenbild, for fourteen musicians (2014, 17’)
for flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet, Kontraforte (or contrabassoon), horn, trombone, three percussionists (cimbalom, vibraphone, marimba, triangle, thunder sheet, cymbal discs, three-toned samba whistle, wood block, bass drum), two violins, viola, violoncello, contrabass

The Artist and his Model VI — La fille dérivée, for sextet (2012, 11’)
d'après Alfred CORTOT, à la mémoire de Claude DEBUSSY — written for flute/bass flute, oboe/cor anglais/, clarinet, violoncello, percussion (cabasa, triangle, two nipple gongs, two woodblocks, vibraphone) and piano (also playing sandpaper blocks with resonating boxes)

Étude d'un prélude V — Photorealism, for orchestra (2009, 14’)
dedicated to Olivier Senn

Three Dreams, for orchestra (2005, 5’)
dedicated to Lewis Spratlan

  • I. Time is the echo of an axe
  • II. A white girl lay in the grass
  • III. As bad as a mile

Love Affairs and Tales of Atrocity, for ensemble (2005, 8’)
premièred by the New York New Music Ensemble

I Hear America Singing, for ensemble (2001, 6’)
premièred by members of the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Martyn Brabbins

Arcangelo, for string orchestra, or double string quartet and doublebass (2000, 11’)
dedicated to Clio Gould and the Royal Academy Soloists

Two Women, for orchestra (1999, 12’)
dedicated to Deborah Sherr and Dorothy Fay “Bunny” Little

Spring and All, for ensemble (1998, 5’)
première conducted by the composer

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Chamber Music & Solo Music

The Artist and his Model V — Brûlage, 3 versions: for solo soprano saxophone, for solo clarinet, for solo oboe (2011-12, 10’)

The Artist and his Model IV — La tradition française, for clarinet and piano (2011, 8’)
dedicated to Carl Rosman and Mark Knoop [Libra Duo]

The Artist and his Model III — La fille rythmée, for solo percussion (2011, 6')

The Artist and his Model II — La durée sans contacts s'affaiblit, for string quartet (2010, 23’)
after Valéry, dedicated to L.M.D.

Étude d'un prélude X — Second String Quartet (2009, ca. 38’)
dedicated to R.W.B.

  • I. Flutter echoes
  • II. The Real Thing
  • III. Kertèsz Distortion
  • IV. 28four

Étude d'un prélude IX — And they talked about Chopin again (for piano and narrator, 10’)

Étude d'un prélude VII — Kertész Distortion, for string quartet (2009, 9’)
after a 1933 photograph by André Kertész

Étude d'un prélude VI — The Real Thing (2009, 5’)
after the painting of the same name by Glenn Brown

Étude d'un prélude II — Flutter Echoes (2009, 9’)
dedicated to Olivier Senn

Memor fui nocte nominis tui First String Quartet (2007, 18’)
premièred by the Lydian String Quartet

  • I. Praeludium
  • II. Memor fui nocte nominis tui
  • III. Postludium

Alors qu'il rêvait, Vladimir vit Modest qui s'approchait du tombeau d'Igor sur l'île de San Michele, for flute and electronics (2007, 5’)
dedicated to Orlando Cela

Four Drawings, for solo violin (2006, 8’)
dedicated to Yohanan Chendler

Nascita e codetta, for flute and vibraphone (2006, 2’)
dedicated to Jonathan Malek Woodruff

In höchster Not, for violin and piano (2005, 15’)
dedicated to Jesse Holstein

Miniature Portraits, for violin and violoncello (2002, 14’)
premièred by Daniel Stepner and Joshua Gordon

  • I. A miniature portrait of mother and child
  • II. Asleep, Messrs. Szymanowski and Ravel dream simultaneously of Chopin
  • III. Self-portrait reading Shakespeare’s Cymbeline

William Carlos Williams, for solo viola (1998, 11’)
dedicated to Samuel Bergman

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Organ Music

Summer Canons (2008, 8’)
Canonic Perspectives on György Ligeti’s setting of Friedrich Hölderlin’s ‘Der Sommer’.
Commissioned by Choir & Organ magazine (UK)

  • I. Canon at the Twelfth
  • II. Canon at the Eleventh—Per Arsin et Thesin
  • III. Double Canon (Four-in-Two) in Inversion at the Sixth
  • IV. Double Canon (Four-in-Two) in Inversion at the Second
  • V. Epilogue—L’altra sorte del canone all’unisono

Pavane d’Isabelle (2007, 3’)
a transcription from the opera-in-progress, Pierre.

Five Counterpoints (2005, 4’)
dedicated to Christian Wilson

Virga Jesse floruit (2005, 6’)
premièred by Christian Wilson

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Piano Music

Ladies and Gentlemen, for piano four-hands (2014, 7')
after Der Zeichner des liegenden Weibes by Dürer, ca. 1527
dedicated to Glenn Brown

Now anything can hang at any angle (2011, ca. 2')
dedicated to Mark Knoop

The Artist and his Model I — La fille floutée (2010, 9')
d'après Alfred Cortot, à la mémoire de Claude Debussy
dedicated to Mark Knoop

nach Webern, nach Pollini (2009-10, 8')

Étude d'un prélude XI — four28 (2009, 22’15”)

Étude d'un prélude VII — Latticed Window (2009, 1'51")
after the photographic negative by William Henry Fox Talbot

Étude d'un prélude IV — Black Wires (2009, 7')
after Nabokov; dedicated to Lorenz Kilchenmann

Étude d'un prélude I — Chopin desséché (2009, 7'30")
dedicated to Olivier Senn

Still Lifes (2008, 8’)

  • I. Still life with Limes and Pomegranates
  • II. Young man holding a skull—Vanitas (dedicated to Constantine Finehouse)
  • III. So now the day moves on through hill and valley, with its inevitability and its radiance
  • IV. Still life with Books, Papers and Inkwell—Vanitas (dedicated to Ulrich Naudé)

Purple Fifths, Étude on scurrying left hand and bruised fifths (2008, 2')
a piece of eye-music dedicated to Davy Rakowski on his 50th Birthday as "Étude #36 1/2"

Étude: The world itself might be vague (2006, 2’)
dedicated to Joseph Moore

Les signes de ma faiblesse (2006, 13’)
dedicated to Martha Agostini

La bella confusione (2005, 18’)
dedicated to Marilyn Nonken

Qui Tollis (2004, 5’)
dedicated to Michael Finnissy

  • I. Serenade
  • II. Movement
  • III. Serenade
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